Sensory Room

Sensory Fun

Sensory play is important for all children. Sensory activities support language development, motor skills, social interaction, and problem solving skills. It enhances memory function and is a great way to teach children different and important sensory characteristics for example dry, hot, sticky, smooth ect. It is also a great way to calm anxious or frustrated children.

At Craft Cafe we strive for all of our artists big and small to be engaged and enjoy using their imagination. As a Mom of four I know the struggle of entertaining different age groups. Usually my smallest is left out. With our sensory room you can be assured that everyone will enjoy!

The sensory room is available complimentary for younger artists ideally 4 and under who are accompanying a crafter who has purchased a menu item. On any day during operating hours our younger crafters can come just to play in our sensory room for a small fee. A punch card will be issued and punched for each visit rewarding a 6th visit for free. 

 Big and small we look forward to creating and imagining with you!


  • Complimentary with Craft purchase from one of our three menus
  • Open Operating Hours for $7.50 
  • punch card given with purchase to earn 6th visit free